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Uncategorized May 25, 2021

I’m honored that you’re here.  Is it Christmas? Cuz..It feels like Christmas.  I feel like a kid giddy with excitement for you to dive into the newsletter.  I created The Thriving Artist Society Newsletter from my heart to yours. I searched my soul.  I asked myself and the Universe what does this newsletter needs to be, do & have?  I figured if I’m gonna to pop into your inbox weekly three things definitely have to happen.  


  1. It needs to be worth your time full of high-level mindset secrets, pro-biz tips, inspiration, a touch of  ✨ Woo✨ and invaluable resources all designed to help you move your career and lifestyle offstage forward right now.  
  2. It needs to be visually stunning.  Beauty is important!  It helps keep your vibration high and in the receiving mode. and it’s a top value of mine (Win Win)  :)  
  3. It needs to be curated specifically for the high-achieving, uber talented performing artist who truly desires a career and lifestyle offstage full of pleasure, fun, freedom, artistry, WEALTH and purpose.  


For far too long I’ve seen too many ridiculously talented, well-trained, dedicated artists settling for crumbs.  I’m talking about artists who know they’re here on the planet to share their gifts while having a fulfilling (dare I say, luxe)  lifestyle offstage, too.  Artists who don’t want to sacrifice a beautiful lifestyle just to be an artist.  Hello….can you say Starving Artist Syndrome?!  Ain’t nobody got time for dat!  

Artists who work and live according to their values.  Artists who are ready for a full-body “Hell Yes” to their deliciously-desired lifestyle and will stop at nothing to have it because you know deep down inside you deserve that.  


Maybe you have the nudge for MORE life but you don’t know exactly what you need to give yourself the permission to have what makes your heart soar?!   Perhaps the greatest invitation I can offer you is to allow this newsletter to be one of your first steps on your journey to becoming the self-led, magnetic artist you know you are.  


As we enter into this new renaissance/artistic revival I want you to know that NOW is the perfect time for you to take back your personal power, fully love & accept yourself and to live life on purpose, and to live life on YOUR terms.  


And of course… a subscriber, you will be the first to know when we have special offers, workshops, dinner parties, and retreats.  Because, my Love,  you deserve nothing but the best.  

If that sounds like you, just know you are in the right place. Welcome Home!  xoxo


Keenah 💋

PS.  If you're not already signed up for the newsletter click this link to get yourself on the list.  xo



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