Nourish Your Dreams!

keenah armitage Jan 26, 2020

Even tho it’s still the middle of January, spring has sprung here in SoCal, my friend! My strawberries and blueberries are beginning to bud and my lemons are almost ready to be picked (see the pic below).  Can you tell I’m excited? I’m soooo excited!!!!

I’ve been loving on them for months when it seemed as if nothing was happening. It's so rewarding to witness the fruits of my labor. For months I told them how much I love them. How proud of them I am. How beautiful they are. LOL! It’s true. I continue to make sure they get plenty of sunlight, fertilizer and water, I regularly pull out the weeds to give the plants room to grow and then?!…. I surrender and trust the process. This ensures a bountiful harvest.

Do you know what else needs TLC to ensure a bountiful harvest? Dreams do. They don’t come to life without it (Trust me I’ve tried). Here is what it’s taken for me to keep my dreams alive:

  •  Patience
  •  A solid business plan
  •  A kick-ass mindset
  •  Self-Love
  •  An amazing community & team of like-minded individuals to root you on
  •  Faith in the unknown
  •  Trust, surrender & PERSISTENCE!

Yup! Those are the pillars that my coaching practice is built on. What about you? How do you nourish your dreams?


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